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Corinth Reformed Church

It was an honor for us to construct this house of worship reminiscent of a fine European cathedral.  The exterior of the building is of gray Georgia granite with Indiana limestone trim. The roof is of weathered brown clay tile and the gutters and downspouts are lead coated copper. The spire is of extruded and structural aluminum rising 164 ft. 6 in. from the terrace floor at the entrance. The belfry below the spire is built up of carved and moulded limestone tracery, giving a lacy and ethereal feeling to the church tower. The main entrance is of limestone having carvings similar to those found on French Gothic churches.  The sanctuary interior rises 56 feet from the black slate floor to the peak and includes some of the most intricate millwork to be found in the southeast.  The altar is made of Italian White Carrara Blanco marble.  Corinth’s stained glass windows were created by J. Wippell and Co., Ltd., of Exeter, England.  The pipe organ utilizes 2,652 pipes.